The Witch’s cure :Video:

It’s been a while since the last update on this site, So here’s another short film we made not long ago that hasn’t been posted here yet! This one was lost in the old hardrive but luckily there was one small copy floating around!!


Created by Becca, Enjoy….. ūüôā

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lost and unseen :Video:

Another Italo 80’s inspired short horror film shot at ¬†Motherwell!

This was filmed a ¬†while ¬†ago but ¬†now it’s finally finished! had some computer and procrastinating problems!! ¬†XD

Created by Debz Enjoy XXX ūüėõ

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Lady with the scarf :video:

The film has now been uploaded onto youtube! so here it is! enjoy……..

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Lady with the scarf!!! good news!!

we have really exciting dreamy news! one of our more recent films “Lady with the scarf” has been selected to be shown at the village of the damned festival in Auchmithi ;D EXCITING! ;D

Here’s a poster made for it! we’ll get the film up as soon as possible! ūüėõ






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OTB logos

we started this random OTB thing more than 7 years ago,¬†technology¬†and special effects have¬†definitely evolved by now!¬†Just going to show the various logos we’ve used (we’re aware we keep changing our name, but it still contains O.T.B)



beginning to advance now



The last one is the most recent and unlike the others this was created using After Effects (pretty good right!?)

There’s a¬†tutorial on this site that helped out¬†

Who knows what we can achieve next time!





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Location Shots

some members of OTB and co went out to do some Location hunting for our next film project….

motherwell motherwell

motherwell motherwell motherwell motherwell motherwellmotherwell

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OTB music video

finally updated the site!! (we’re not dead, nor have we returned to our¬†dimension)

a recent project by OTBfilms, made for a uni project, filmed by Becca.

Techno circus by Lecky box and the switches- trapped inside a twisted dream!

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